• Our 2018 Conference programme is being carefully designed to benefit all health care practitioners. Topics such as new antiretroviral drugs, AIDS-related complications, opportunistic infections, promoting adherence and ethical issues will all be covered.

    There will be practical sessions as well, such as case studies and skills-building workshops, and fascinating professional ethics sessions.

    The Conference is also a fantastic opportunity to network with your fellow health care workers and researchers in the field of HIV.




Dear HIV Clinicians

This is the most important HIV conference to attend in 2018. For all HIV clinicians who work in our region, you have to be here.

In the HIV field, nothing is static. Advances in the field change practice and policy. The Southern African HIV Clinicians Society Conference is a great place to learn about the newest developments as well as to increase our skills in established strategies. In addition, we have the chance to network and meet others who work in your field.

Dr Francesca Conradie



We are a year away from our conference in 2018 and we find ourselves in the midst of exciting possibilities. The ground-breaking HIV vaccine trial being conducted in sites around South Africa has the possibility to change the face of HIV.

The exciting new compounds that will soon be available in the country hold great potential for patient care and simplicity of regimens. The possibility of having only two regimens due to the robustness of the drugs that have become available, promises to overhaul our HIV programme and streamline the benefits structure of medical insurers.

It becomes important that as we celebrate and enjoy all these possibilities as HIV clinicians, we not lose sight of the patients to whom these possibilities speak. To this end, one of the areas of focus for this conference is growing the next generation of HIV clinician. There is abundant knowledge that resides within the numerous HIV experts in SA and the time to actively pass on that knowledge – institutional, programmatic and clinical – has arrived. To achieve this, we’ve requested that each presenter/expert have a young doctor shadow them throughout the conference, and hopefully at the university/teaching hospital that they work in as well.  We hope that this will be emulated by all other clinicians so that the pool of experts may grow and serve with distinction.  This promises to be the best conference we’ve ever had and I am proud to be chairing it.

Looking forward to seeing you all at Gallagher Convention Centre in Johannesburg in 2018.

Dr Moeketsi Mathe